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Thanks to this, users can easily install and make use of disk operated programs on their various systems. The best part of it is that it is powered by your device’s USB port, and as such, there is no need for any batteries or power cords. For more amazing handy devices, be sure to check out our guide to the best mini PCs. As far as external DVD writer go, this is a highly functional one.

For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the best USB flash drives. With a whole range of new technology coming out every other day, many old school devices have become obsolete. For that reason, the new crop of laptops trending these days are not fitted with drives that enable the use of CD’s and DVDs. The need to download material has not gone out of fashion, but with thumb and hard drives as well as phones, CD’s are simply a thing of the past. For those who still like that old school type of vibe, all hope is not lost.

This external DVD drive also has one of a kind features which make it the crème de la crème of drives. Its PowerRead™ feature smoothens the playback in the case that the disk has smudges or scratches. With its Auto Quiet mode, the disk rotation speed is adjusted for noise reduction.

But it’s easy to find extra or replacement cables for a few dollars, and the included cables feel sturdy enough that you shouldn’t need to worry about breaking them. We tested each DVD drive by burning an ISO file from a test DVD of video files. We used blank single-layer DVDs from Staples for this test. We then ripped video files from three different test DVDs to compare speeds.

When testing Blu-ray drives, we performed the same DVD ripping and burning tests to test their speeds with DVDs. Then, we burned and ripped test video files using blank Verbatim BD-R discs and ripped video files from three additional test Blu-rays.

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This multi-functional design can be used across a wide range of devices and operating systems making it the best option for the modern individual. The Rioddas External CD Drive offers up a wide range of features, but the most stand out one is its ability to deliver high-speed data transmission. Due to the fact that it is compatible with USB 3.0 and has backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and 1.0, it is not just faster but equally high performing. Its overall design, reeks of convenience, not only is it sleek, slim and portable, it also has its USB cable embedded within it. Another snazzy feature present on this external optical drive is its functional eject button.

  • Moreover, this DVD drive offers plug-and-play functionality and USB3.0 connectivity and also provides backward compatibility with USB2.0 and USB1.0 devices.
  • This Blu-ray burner supports USB 3.0 which means it can offer you a fast performance.
  • Amicool External DVD Drive offers both USB3.0 Type A and Type C connectivity and backward compatibility with USB2.0 and USB1.0 devices.
  • It supports Mac, Linux and Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and offers plug-and-play functionality.
  • This drive doesn’t offer anything spectacular; however, it comes with good compatibility and a nice set of features that will please a wide range of users.

Once it is plugged into a given device, it is set to begin the burning or reading process. Regardless of whether you are at home, at work or in your car, this handy drive can prove useful. Cranking it up a notch, this external disk drive is equipped with a pre-loaded CyberLink Media suite software.

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With the use of an external optical drive, CD’s and DVD’s can easily be used and our helpful guide offers some of the best external optical drives out there. The ZenDrive U9M uses detachable Mini-USB cables rather than the more common Micro-USB or USB Type-C (which would be ideal but isn’t really used in external optical drives). That means that if either of the cables in the box frays or breaks or disappears, you’re less likely to have a spare one just sitting around somewhere.

With this, the issue of disks getting stuck in the drive is instantly eliminated. To crown it all up, this device is powered by a USB port, so there is no need for any batteries or external power source.

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Our guide to the best SD card readers features more awesome products like this, so be sure to check them out. They may be going out of fashion, but they really do not need to. With the Dell USB DVD Drive-DW316, and its handy USB port, users can easily burn and play media files. Thanks to its slim and lightweight design, this USB DVD drive can be used in a number of settings.